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lake michigan lake trout

Lake Michigan Lake Trout – Catch and Cook

It was a bright and early June morning as I set out on my fishing adventure on Lake Michigan. My sights were set on catching the elusive lake trout, a prized catch among fishe...

why lake michigan fishing charters

5 Reasons Why Lake Michigan Fishing Charters Are Perfect for Your Next Adventure

As a seasoned fisherman, you know that the joy of fishing is not only in the catch but also in the experience. And if you’re looking for the ultimate fishing adventure, ...

tight lines for troops

Tight Lines for Troops: Supporting Our Heroes Through Fishing

As a fisherman, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of casting a line out into the water, waiting patiently for a bite, and reeling in a big catch. But for many veter...

family friendly campgrounds manistee

Family Friendly Campgrounds in Manistee, MI

Manistee, MI is a beautiful and serene location that is perfect for camping with the family. With stunning views of Lake Michigan and an abundance of outdoor activities, Manis...

places to eat in manistee

Places to Eat in Manistee – Top Local Eateries

Manistee, Michigan, is a small town with a big appetite. It’s home to some of the best restaurants in the state, serving up delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy any...

life cycle chinook salmon

The Life Cycle of Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan

For us fishermen, there is nothing quite like the thrill of catching a Chinook salmon in the Great Lakes. These fish are known for their size, strength, and incredible flavor....

camping along the manistee river

3 Ways to Stay – Camping Along the Manistee River on Your Salmon Fishing Vacation

The Manistee River is a 190-mile-long river that runs through the northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. It begins in the Huron Mountains and flows into Lake Michi...

no bananas on my boat

No Bananas on My Boat – Tuna Time Rule #1

As a fisherman, I’ve heard a lot of superstitions over the years. From the belief that whistling on a boat will whistle up a storm to the idea that it’s unlucky to...

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