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Manistee Michigan Charter Fishing Creates Family Fun

Summer is a special opportunity for the entire family to spend quality time together. Each summer is a chance to make memories you’ll treasure for decades to come — ones you’ll be able to share at your kids’ weddings and graduation parties and laugh about together year af...

North Coast Salmon, Why Head North and Shun South?

Featured article by Jeff Kutcha No matter where you live in the Midwest, any timely discussion of Great Lakes salmon must take place in August. Fishing in late spring, especially for the perfectly-sized coho, is predictable but spotty due to inclement weather. Fall stream fishing...

Smart Chartering Means More Than Just Numbers

Featured article by Jeff Kutcha The city of St. Joseph is a long way from central Michigan, but for adventuresome anglers craving fresh salmon, it’s 1,000 miles closer than the Pacific coast. In that sense, chartering a Great Lakes captain for a day of big-water fishing is ...

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